You may be searching for “acupressure near me” for various reasons. Much like its close relative, acupuncture, it has been used to treat migraines, chronic pain and nausea. Another of its most popular uses is in the alleviation of stress and anxiety, but how exactly does it work?

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is based on the same principles as acupuncture, but rather than using needles, it uses equipment such as balls, rollers, and mats to apply pressure at those same specific points to boost energy.

Acupressure for anxiety and stress

It may involve freeing or regulating your body’s energy, or it may have an impact on your nervous system and on which chemicals your body releases. Either way, many people who undergo acupressure describe it as helping them feel calmer and better able to deal with life.

Here are 7 acupressure spots to help relieve stress and anxiety:

  1. Starting at the top of your head, on your crown, you can lift your energy upwards at the same time as sending the negative feelings into the ground. It could also help clear your head and your thoughts.


  1. The point between your eyes, known as the third eye, is one of the best points for stress and anxiety relief. Additionally, it can help clear your head, which may relieve headaches and insomnia related to anxiety.


  1. The neck and shoulders often feel tense If you are stressed. This is another area that acupressure can also be used. It can reduce tension and pressure on nerves.


  1. There is a spot on your inner forearm known as the inner frontier. Like the other points, it may alleviate headaches, nausea, and other physical symptoms of stress as well as anxiety more generally.


  1. Humans may sometimes exaggerate the role of the heart, at least when it comes to emotional issues, but, indeed, a disrupted or rapid heartbeat, palpitations, and shortness of breath can all be symptoms of stress. Acupressure targets the centre of the chest to unlock these feelings when they become stuck.


  1. For the pressure points in the hands, the theory goes that their meridians flow to and from the heart, so treating one may allow you to treat the other.


  1. When following a downward trajectory, it is inevitable that you will end up at your feet, the part of the anatomy that roots you to the floor. Ground yourself and release stress.

Finding acupressure near me

It is not as well-known as acupuncture, but acupressure can offer similar benefits. You can sometimes do it yourself, but it does require a good knowledge of the body to apply pressure safely at the correct points. Therefore, you may want to search for “acupressure near me” from a trained and experienced therapist to apply pressure to these specific spots on the body to alleviate anxiety and reduce the symptoms of stress.