Between 29-32 weeks, 15% of babies will be in breech position (bum down instead of head down). While many will turn before birth, the longer a baby stays in this position, the less space it has to make the turn. Acupuncture and moxibustion are scientifically proven to safely encourage babies to turn to the desirable head down position. This helps prepare for optimal natural birth conditions.

Sophie’s Script for Turning a Breech Baby

Sophie can encourage your baby to turn to the desirable head down position to maintain your birthing options and increase odds of an uncomplicated birth.

The treatment typically occurs between 34- 37 weeks of pregnancy and involves a session of acupuncture followed by daily applications of moxibustion at home. Sophie provides thorough instructions for home moxa application.

This method has been used to turn breech babies in China for centuries and has up to a 92% correction rate.

Sophie is a Registered Acupuncturist, so treatments are covered by many extended health insurance plans.
Please refer to your employer’s benefits package summary for coverage details.