This has been a tough season for colds and flu. Many of us are hearing more tales of people getting hit with the flu. And people are reporting that they have been hit harder than in past years. Descriptions of longer recovery periods and more pronounced symptoms are common.

This has been true even for people who have gotten the vaccine or “flu shot” as prevention. Viruses are always evolving and new strains can emerge at any time that aren’t addressed by the current vaccine.

The extreme weather temperature changes that have kept us all guessing as to how to dress day to day, are contributing as well.

Asking your body to adjust to multiple wild temperature changes places and added stress factor into it. Stresses have suppressing effects on the immune system.

We can’t control the weather, but it is possible to mitigate other factors that place stress on the body & immune function.

You can boost your immune function with positive lifestyle factors including:

  • good nutrition – more fresh whole foods & good hydration with water
  • limiting mental strain – taking breaks, spending active time, time outdoors and with people who lift our moods
  • getting adequate sleep & rest
  • limiting toxins in our environment (pesticides/herbicides on foods, making the switch to natural cleaners etc.)

Acupuncture can also help boost your immune system so it’s better equipped to handle an incoming virus. An acupuncture treatment increases red and white blood cell activity to send out more of your killer cells. Those are the ones that eat viruses for breakfast!

Acupuncture can also assist in re-calibrating your immune system when it has been compromised. So if those nasty symptoms are lingering, or you want to avoid them altogether, consider booking an appointment.