A massive headache transformed her life entirely.

A teenaged girl’s life went from normalcy to complete debilitation as a result of chronic migraines.

She couldn’t attend school. She had a private tutor for her education and she didn’t stray far from home. Travel was out of the question: it would result in days in bed in agony. Her life revolved around the pain.

She explored many paths to healing. She consulted her family doctor, specialists, hospitals and numerous alternative therapies. You name it, she had tried it.

Acupuncture was one of the therapies that she had explored in her many attempts to alleviate the pain. An initial treatment didn’t offer the results she was seeking. Thankfully the second course of treatment with the second practitioner finally provided the relief she needed. With weekly treatments to move her chi, the migraines were resolved.

Her entire life turned back around. She was able to return to school, travel again with her parents. She was able to return to the life of a normal teen once free from pain. Her life was transformed again.

Ensure the practitioner you work with has the correct experience and training for migraine treatment.

An excellent and thorough diagnosis, stringent focus on precisely the right meridians in each acupuncture treatment, are key in the elimination of migraines.

If you think that acupuncture is a good fit for your road to health, contact us today.