Acupuncture is not just used for pain relief or to help you relax. There is also acupuncture for cosmetic purposes, which can help remove the signs of aging and make your skin, particularly on your face, look younger and healthier. This is without the side effects that can sometimes result from powerful chemical treatments or invasive surgery.

How does acupuncture for cosmetic purposes work?

Like other forms of acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture involves inserting needles into specific parts of the body. Your brain senses the intrusion and triggers your natural healing processes, including increasing blood flow and releasing pain-killing, mood-enhancing endorphins. It does this despite the fact that the “injury” caused by the needles is so small as to be almost unnoticeable and is unlikely to cause any actual discomfort.

Most cosmetic acupuncture is carried out on the face, although it may be applied to other parts of the body where the skin is tired, wrinkled or saggy. Part of the healing process is the increased production of collagen, the protein responsible for much of the structure and texture and skin. More collagen means stronger, healthier-looking skin without wrinkles and blemishes. Acupuncture can also change your hormone balance, which can also transform how your skin looks and feels.

You may start to see the impact of your cosmetic acupuncture after just a few sessions, but it will likely take a little longer to ensure a more long-lasting impact. The recommendation is for one treatment a week for between 10 and 15 weeks in total. Discuss what you are hoping to achieve from treatment and the likelihood of success during your first consultation with your acupuncturist.

What is the impact of cosmetic acupuncture?

There are many ways that cosmetic acupuncture may improve your appearance to make your face appear younger and more radiant. There may be a reduction in lines, wrinkles and blemishes; your muscle tone and dermal contraction may improve, leading to softer and tighter skin with less sagging; eyelids may become less droopy; any bags under your eyes may be lifted; acne and enlarged pores could become less prominent; and a double chin could be reduced. This is in addition to the fact that you will feel relaxed and refreshed, with a general improvement to your mood and wellbeing that will probably be reflected in your skin.

Many people turn to cosmetic acupuncture because of the low risk of side effects, particularly when compared to many of the medications and surgeries that may otherwise be used to improve your appearance. As long as the acupuncturist has relevant training and experience and they use clean, sterilized needles to avoid infection, you are unlikely to be harmed. Acupuncture is non-toxic and is not invasive enough to cause significant injury. There may be a little soreness or a headache, but those symptoms should resolve relatively quickly. Be sure to hydrate properly after your session.


Cosmetic acupuncture is a way to use your body’s own natural healing processes to reduce or even remove common signs of aging, including wrinkles, blemishes, sagging skin and bags under your eyes, to enjoy a younger, fresher and more hydrated-looking face.