You may not think of acupuncture as a cosmetic procedure. It may be better known as a treatment for anxiety or chronic pain. Nevertheless, just like a facelift, it has been used to try to make your skin look younger and healthier. When trying to decide between searching for a “facelift near me” or “cosmetic acupuncture near me“, it is important to understand the differences and relative advantages.

1. Cosmetic acupuncture is non-surgical

Facelifts are a type of surgical procedure. They are carried out by a surgeon in a hospital while under general anesthetic. The surgeon will cut into you to reshape the skin and fat of the face. For many people, this will seem too invasive for a treatment that is not medically necessary. While the needles of acupuncture do penetrate the skin, they are minimally invasive. There is a low risk of injury or scarring, no need for general anesthetic, and you will be able to go home right away.

2. It has fewer side effects and a lower risk of complications

Acupuncture is considered very low risk. As long as the needles are properly sterilized, the main side effects are some redness or soreness, which should fade quickly. As a more invasive procedure, facelifts are more likely to cause stiffness, pain and bruising. Sometimes, it can affect your hairline and hair growth. Scars can be more prominent and there is some risk of bleeding, nerve damage, infection as well the risk of a poor reaction to the anesthesia.

3. It is cheaper

As voluntary procedures that can still be complex, most forms of cosmetic surgery can be expensive relative to the alternatives. If you have a facelift, you will also have to account for the cost of follow-up appointments and care, along with the need to take time off work during your recovery.

4. It takes several sessions

A facelift can be carried out in a single session, although there may be follow up appointments during your recovery. A successful course of cosmetic acupuncture will probably take place over several sessions, but these will be shorter than the two or three hours for the facelift. In both cases, it will probably be months before you can observe the full extent of the procedure’s success.

5. There is a shorter recovery time

After a facelift, you are looking at an extended recovery period. You will probably need to stay in the hospital overnight. Even once you return home, you will need to prop your head up with a pillow while you sleep. If your stitches do not dissolve on their own, you will need to have them removed after a week or two. Bruising will be visible for about two weeks, and it could be a whole month before you can return to work. After your session of cosmetic acupuncture, you can return home immediately and it is highly unlikely there will be visible bruising or scarring. It is also unlikely you will need any time off work afterward.


With an understanding of the differences between facelifts and acupuncture for cosmetic reasons, you will be better able to decide if you want to search for “cosmetic acupuncture near me” as the less invasive, non-surgical option.