Many couples experience difficulties getting pregnant. There are several treatment options available and additional lab-based technologies being developed as we hit “publish”. Techniques like IUI and IVF can be wonderful life-altering approaches, but many couples still wish to opt for a more natural methodology. Or at least exhaust those options before selecting a more invasive approach.

Sophie has helped hundreds of couples conceive and now shares her time-proven steps to boost your fertility and chances of adding that bouncing bundle of joy to your household.

If you have been experiencing difficulties in conceiving it is understandable that you are feeling stress and anxiety. Weekly acupuncture treatments are important to decrease the stress and anxiety being held in the body, restoring the proper flow of qi. Regular treatments, for up to six months also boost your fertility by regulating your cycle.

The following regime is the home protocol to compliment the acupuncturists’ treatment and increase its effectiveness.

Seven Lifestyle Habits to Adopt to Get Pregnant Naturally

  1. Avoid Dairy – according to Chinese Medicine dairy creates dampness and inflammation in your body. Switch to a non-dairy alternative like Almond, Cashew or Hemp milk
  2. Add a regular Meditation practice to your routine – there are several good apps available or have a look at if you need a group to keep you accountable
  3. Get enough Sleep. The average adult needs between 7.5 – 8 hours of sleep per night – move your bedtime back by 15 mins per day until you can count on getting 8 hours minimum per night. Remove devices and additional light sources from the bedroom to make sure your hours of sleep are as restful as possible.
  4. Drink plenty of Water. Water is the WD-40 of living organisms – we all work better when well hydrated, that includes you.
  5. Add Warmth to your body by consuming warm foods and drinks, avoiding cold foods – (take a break from ice cream for now), and getting moxibustion treatments to bring heat into your body.
  6. Enjoy Pleasure – have intercourse without the pressure of thinking of it as a way to reproduce. Indulge in a sense of connection, pleasure and discover with your partner – your connection will be the origin or any children you will welcome – luxuriate and revel in your coupling.
  7. Foster a sense of Happiness. A gratitude journal is a great way to begin training your brain to search out the beauty, good and wonderful every day. Begin with a minimum of five items per day – see how it transforms your thinking and how you feel over time.
    Evaluate what activities make you feel happy – time in nature; time with friends; comedy or kitten videos on YouTube? Regularly add more of these activities to your routine.