You have likely heard of acupuncture in many different settings and for many different things. That is because acupuncture can be used for many illnesses and conditions, and it can be even used for cosmetic reasons! Acupuncture therapy has many different techniques, some of which have an interesting history and have been around for a long time. To fully understand acupuncture and how it works, it is first helpful to know who can benefit from this helpful therapy.

Who benefits?

This type of needle therapy has been said to be beneficial for a multitude of conditions. From sore muscles to physical wounds to internal issues to cosmetic needs, acupuncture can help many different people. With a unique history in many Asian cultures, the benefits that come from this type of therapy have been discussed at length over the years. Many people utilize this type of treatment multiple times throughout their illness journey to gain the most benefit, and some try it out once to see if it is for them.

The benefits of acupuncture can be felt immediately for some, depending on what has brought them to the acupuncture session in the first place. Whether it was recommended by a medical professional or it’s an alternative therapy you are exploring, acupuncture may benefit what troubles you.

How is it done?

Acupuncture therapy involves multiple long, thin needles being placed into the skin’s surface. They are placed at very specific locations by the acupuncturist to aid in whatever healing the person needs. The needles may be placed and left there for a short or long time, depending again on the specific needs of the person receiving the treatment. It’s imperative that you use a trained acupuncture therapist to ensure high quality care and a clean, sterile working environment.

There may be just a few needles that are placed in the skin or many. The person receiving treatment will lie still and attempt to relax as much as possible. The needles will be put in place and either left there to do their work, or heat, electrical stimulation or pressure can be added to aid in the healing. This should all be discussed with you before you begin so you understand what will take place.

What does acupuncture therapy do?

Acupuncture works on certain points of the body to help the body in its natural healing process. Sensory nerves become stimulated by the needles, igniting the body’s natural reaction to begin a healing process. Endorphins may then be released to help aid in pain relief, as well as other bodily system reactions.

It’s helpful to discuss your acupuncture session in full before you begin so that you feel fully ready for the process and any after-effects. Ask questions to best understand what to expect so you can be on the way to healing.